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Girl with a Goat - You Certainly Have Got My Goat DWIG

A light into my soul. : Photo

A traditional Irish cottage by unknown author. Repinned by WI/IE. _____________________________ Do feel free to visit us on for lots more pictures and stories of beautiful Ireland.

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Liam Cobb, “Reflections” and Other Drawings


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American Regional Food Bucket List...I would love to turn this into a road trip! (I would love to eat most of these things)

Earthship: completely sustainable home made from recycled materials like bottles, cans and old tires.

One cuts, two cuts, three cuts, four You don't know what to do anymore Five cuts, six cuts, seven cuts, eight Stop yourself before it's too late Ninth cut, tenth cut, eleventh, twelfth Put the blade back on the shelf Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen You don't know how much you mean Seventeen cuts, eighteen cuts, ninteen cuts, then twenty You don't need anymore, you already have plenty

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Liam Cobb, “Reflections” and Other Drawings


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Oh look, it's John Kuhn hoisting Randall Cobb just before defeating the Shitcago Bears to end their pathetic season.

A complete recipe for building a cob house for $3000. Here's how you too can build an inexpensive, natural house for little money.