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Celtic trinity knot Mother Father Child

A List of Truly Enchanting Irish Celtic Symbols and Their Meanings

3 point Celtic Triquetra (Trinity) knot interlaced with a circle for your logo, design or project (vector illustration) - stock vector

The word 'triquetra' itself is derived from the Latin words 'tri-' meaning three and 'quetrus-' meaning corners.


Decorate your home or treat a member of your family to a brilliant piece of Celtic artwork.

Triquetra - Three interlocking arcs are used to represent the Father, Son, and Spirit. The equality of the arches is symbolic of the equal standing of the trinity. Read more at Buzzle: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/most-recognizable-catholic-symbols-and-their-meanings.html

Most Recognizable and Divine Catholic Symbols and Their Meanings

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tribal dragon tattoos for men A hip Tribal Dragon Tattoo design. Tribal dragon tattoos – a girl's hip Men The 2011 Tribal Dragon Tattoos P.

Unity-Celtic symbol for family This tattoo symbol itself will remain the same over a lifespan but it may not have the same meaning to the wearer.

celtic knotwork & design "tutorial 3" : beautifully laid out resource {Andrew Davis / Dweran, deviantART}

celtic knotwork & design "tutorial : beautifully laid out resource {Andrew Davis / Dweran, deviantART} This looks so much easier then just free handing it!

Pretty wrist tattoo ☺️

Infinity tattoo designs is force in the battle from the perspective of men. Lets we take a look Celtic tattoo design.

Celtic Knot Template 8 * not designed for glass

Celtic Knot Templates

Free Freeform Celtic Knot Templates for tangling, coloring, doodling. These are samples from the Freeform Celtic Knot Design class

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