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from Etsy

PRINT: Journey drawing on Distressed Parchment

IMPRESSION : Voyage dessin sur parchemin en détresse

fossil ammonites - It's like the greatest natural fractal ever, or steampunk rock.

from Etsy

Nautilus - Wire Wrapped Copper Choker Necklace, original, handcrafted jewelry

Nautilus Wire Wrapped Copper Choker Necklace by WireFantasies

from DesignFaves

Sci-fi book illustrations from the 1800s by Alphonse de Neuville

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea illustration in honor of Captain Nemo, who of course is going to make an appearance in The Stolen Voice. :)

Opalized 80 million years old Ammonite measuring 2 ft. in diameter, discovered near Alberta, Canada.

from Aquaviews - SCUBA Blog

The Nautilus: A Living fossil of the seas

The Nautilus: A Living fossil of the Seas. Found in abundance in prehistoric times, the nautilus’ numbers have dwindled and only a handful of species remain today.

from Luella says...

The Art of Deco

harry clarke