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Pâte sablée - the richest of the French short pastry crusts. It is used to make sweet flans and tarts. (photo by bognarreni)

Food Photography Tip - White printer paper White printer paper is a powerful little reflector on the cheap.

Ten household items that can improve your food photography




Tips for photo styling

Behind the Scenes: 5 Time-Saving Tips for Food Photography

Time Saving Tips for Food Photography - I like the idea about shooting on a movable surface - smart!

抹茶のパリブレスト http://macaro-ni.jp/15636

東京・表参道に『ドミニク アンセル ベーカリー』がいよいよオープン♪ (2ページ目) - macaroni

A twist on the traditional Paris Brest with matcha ganache and a soft passion fruit curd.

Strawberries by juliet

Strawberries: can't keep enough in the house! maybe i should start a strawberry garden lol!

Multigrain bread like wf ancient grain

In further evidence that I am getting older and becoming a real grown up, I now like and voluntarily eat multigrain bread. As a kid, I have vivid memories of … Read