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SARAMUYO is known in English as sugar apple or sweetsop, you can find it at the local markets or supermarkets in Yucatan. It has green scaly skin, with soft sweet white pulp.

CARAMBOLA / STARFRUIT - is a sweet and sour tropical exotic fruit in the shape of a star, native to the Malayan Peninsula is also grown in Yucatan Mexico.

PITAHAYA - also called DRAGON FRUIT is a bright pink cactus fruit. It has a mild sweet taste and it's low in calories. Yucatan Mexico..


HUAYAS - are related to the lychee, they have a thin stiff layer of skin, that you peel by cracking it with your teeth. Inside the skin you will find the light orange, sour sweet pulp of the fruit, which you suck by putting the whole fruit inside your mouth, being careful not to swallow the pit.

GUAYABAS or GUAVAS - are very aromatic and sweet, they can be eaten raw or cooked in sweet syrup, it also makes a delicious drink. They are a bright yellow when ripe.