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[we were the kids that never fit in.] lavinia. from Rome (Italy). This is a visual diary of all things I find beautiful. All images, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. xx

In Emily's likes, she mentioned functional furniture such as somewhere to hang her keys and I really liked this shelf as it is a DIY project which I feel gives a homely/comfort feel because it's not just your average store brought shelf.

Not sure why the steps are open as this would cause additional cleaning with all sorts of "stuff" getting in between I'm a person that has to keep clean so I would not have this stair cast open, but I love the space this stair case has under it...

xokrista: “How is it that I posted this almost two weeks ago and I am STILL working on my site and images. As much as I love my work space, I really want to leave this damn desk. Krista Ashley...

If you live in the North, you probably enjoy the benefits of a fireplace for a variety of reasons. Number one, the fire! Having a fire crackling in the winter not only provides warmth but also offers a cozy feel to your home.