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After years of failed eggs, Gandolph the Owl became increasingly frustrated and distressed at the North East Falconry Center in Scotland. When the man who ran the center, John Barrie, was given a goose egg by a neighbor, he saw an opportunity to soothe Gandolph's angst. There was some concern, as many birds, particular owls, will ignore or kill an egg different than their own. Not Gandolf: The egg hatched, and she immediately took to mothering the baby, who quickly imprinted on her.

Cute and Fluffy Baby Owls

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Burrowing Owls

"Burrowing Owl" Youngsters. (You might be interested to learn that a group of Owls is known as: "A Parliament!" Maybe The British "Parliament" could learn a thing or two from Owls?! Owls, of course, are renowned for their wisdom! (Information from: Lynn.)


maya47000: Love Story by Vitaly Tkach - katt rådyr