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slow down and focus

To slow down and enjoy life can seem just anathema at times. But those are usually the very junctures where that’s mandatory. Maybe not for an entire week.

If You Do Not Change Direction - Ugh! Sorry.

Oh, we bemoan that as we learn through our lives. “If only I knew then .” And we have this idea that we would have sailed through more easily.

What's your key to #happiness? #keytohappiness #happiness #success

Do College-Educated Parents Have Higher Earning Kids? Is there a correlation between the educational level of parents and earning potential for their kids? Do college-educated parents have higher earning kids?

Mood lift.

A 7 Step Guide on How to Improve Your Mood

believe in you

I Believe in You by Ricky Mikelman, SDE Presenter

believe in you

believe in you

Valentine to Singles!

When you’re in the midst of the cultural romance wars, lots of ways exist to navigate how to stay happy.

Do you need a bowl of ice cream and a new perspective?

If you’re engaged in life, working toward a goal, fighting the good fight—whatever that means to you—craziness comes in one form or fifteen.

Next Generation Evangelistic Network: Working for a Profit

We think so much in terms of all the heroic stuff. But for long stretches, you just have the basic work to do. And yep, the slog can surely grind you down.

Do You Know the Secret about Time? http://www.susanmarymalone.com/know-secret-time/

Do You Know the Secret about Time?