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I am in love all over again! ❤️❤️

He would get his papers marked down in school for always bringing the subject back to Doctor Who<<< he's also wearing a tardis blue suit.

❤❤David IS So Sexy❤❤❤❤

The Coat. (also the guy, of course, but that's totally not the point) David Tennant of course.

So cute :)

I think it's the teacher in me talking but I love this! Putting yourself eye level with a child shows you respect them as people! He truly is an adorable man!

Everyone who has heard David Tennant's accent before totally read it with the accent. I did. (Ps, that last comment...OMGeeee)

A collection of my favorite shit other people found on Tumblr

You can see the Scottish accent.you can taste the Scottish accent.I wanna know what Scottish accents taste like.I wanna know what THAT Scottish accent tastes like.

Technically he's still the Doctor here and can therefore be pinned on this board =)

From the best Catherine Tate/David Tennant moment: "Sorry, are you talking Scottish *now*?

• here have a david tennant failing to swing a hula hoop if that makes you any happier doctor who David Tennant my posts hula hoop tennant tuesday

Gif of David failing to hula hoop. Or the hula hoop failing to David Tennant. This is the best thing I've ever pinned in my life! Cried laughing so hard!