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Graphium Weiskei - Papua, New Guinea -- Love the pink in it's wings! Pinned by Western Sage and KB Honey (aka Kidd Bros)

˚Common Buckeye by DrPhotoMoto @ Flickr

Common Buckeye Butterfly (Junonia coenia) United States and Canada

White Admiral Butterfly

~White Admiral Butterfly~ one has been spotted at RSPB Minsmere ?

zená Mensagem's photo on Google+

Eudocima salaminia (Noctuidae: Catocalinae) - Malaysia by yakovlev.


Gaudy Baron - Euthalia lubentina - Mumbai, India, by Isaac Kehimkar, so pretty

Butterflies are interesting and beautiful. And perhaps this species doesn't migrate but the fact that some of these seemly fragile creatures migrate across the United States and into Central America is amazing.

The blue pattern on bottom looks like crying eyes which can expresses Miranda.

Flame-bordered charaxes, (Charaxes protoclea), African forest butterfly

Flame-bordered charaxes (Charaxes protoclea), an African forest butterfly