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25 September 1940 Gerrman freighter Weser

HMS Southampton (83) of the Royal Navy - British Light cruiser of the Southampton class - Allied Warships of WWII -

4 September 1940 S-boot Kriegsmarine torpedo boat…

Rio May Lose R$38.5B in Oil Royalties

11 September 1940 Amman Jordan parade Arab Revolt…

Maikaze-Maikaze, along with several support ships, was sunk by U.S. surface ships while trying to escape from the Truk anchorage. On 17 February 1944, while evacuating convoys to Yokosuka from Truk following Allied attack on Truk, Maikaze, the cruiser Katori, and the auxiliary cruiser Akagi Maru were sunk by gunfire from the cruisers USS Minneapolis, USS New Orleans, and the battleship USS New Jersey 40 miles (75 km) northwest of Truk (07°45′N 151°20′E). Maikaze herself was sunk with all…

The Japanese destroyer Yamagumo which spent over nine hours hunting for the USS Sculpin.

A famous image of the bombing of London, a Heinkel III bomber over the Thames, taken from another German bomber at 6.48pm on the 7th September 1940

28 augustus 1940 Het vrachtschip ms 'Driebergen' (1923)