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A famous image of the bombing of London, a Heinkel III bomber over the Thames, taken from another German bomber at 6.48pm on the 7th September 1940

The City of London, July 1948 (taken from the top of St Paul's looking East) This image shows the now demolished barrel roof of Cannon Street station train shed (centre), the Monument and Tower Bridge.

From December 1941 all women aged 18 to 50, except those exempted, were required to do National Service. They could either join one the uniformed women's services,or seek work in a factory.The contribution made by the women factory workers must be among the most neglected aspect of WW2.The factories were the target of enemy bombers & their homes were near those factories.They worked long hours, spent nights in air raid shelters & survived under food and fuel rationing conditions.

25th June 1940, Council workers in Holborn, London collect barrow loads of food waste to feed to pigs

The Bethnal Green Tube tragedy saw 173 people crushed to death - making it the war's worst civilian disaster. But why was it censored from history? (article)

Hawker Hurricane Mk.I, UF-N, No 601 Squadron RAF, pilot P/O Juliusz "Topola" Topolnicki, Tangmere, August 1940.

Stories of the Battle of Britain 1940 – Spitfires Join the Fighting — Battle of Britain | 1940 | history | Spitfire Mk. I

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