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Although I celebrate and recognize black history all the time, I can't wait to blow up your newsfeeds with my people and my culture! ALL MONTH LONG. Get ready, get ready, get ready!

I value this.

As a white person, I support black lives matter and I support other white people showing their support for black lives matter.

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And that's never a problem no matter how many timea they try to convince us otherwise 😋😋😋😙

Follow @badgalronnie  the knowles sisters stay taking my coins...but what they give me is so worth it

Sisters who slay together stay together. Beyoncé x Solange = QUEENS.


“I have on 2 headwraps in this picture , my daughter has on 1 All 3 are available for purchase ❤️ Pic taken by

mkh4990:  I’ve always had a deep admiration for black beauty.

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