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That's so true!

Roman polanski rapes children, nobody bats an eye mel gibson states the obvious truth of jewish over-representation in Hollywood, everyone loses their minds - joker mind loss

These illustrations brilliantly summarise the double standards women face

News & Views - These illustrations brilliantly summarise the double standards women face

Trump Meme - Double standards 'They call me Mr Brexit' TRUMP has just realised the UK leaving the EU will cost American Jobs. Way to go Mr President!

Double standards

BREXIT was won on the backs of ignorance, racism, bigotry, and misplace blame. Europe wasn't their problem, their current government is.

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Although my cat is social af, it is i who triea to run and hide while my cat is conversing and pouring drinks for our guests.

That's because only MEN are considered human by some.

And cue the double standards. Men are seen as humans, while women are seen as a diseased, lesser version of humans/men. We have sex drives!

If this is a true internet story, I agree. Feminism is about total equality. That just because you are feminine, female, does not mean you are not equal. Women can equally do damage. Woman's anger can be volatile. Just like someone who is masculine, male. Neither is funny. Neither is acceptable. This is abuse and this is not a laughing matter just because she did it to a man.

As a girl, I agree with this guy.

Just remember that the vast majority of violence against women AND MEN is perpetuated by men, but abusing someone NO MATTER YOUR GENDER is not okay, and it's DEFINITELY not okay for WOMEN to abuse men either. It is abuse.

If a woman was sat here and a bloke had locked her in a flat and she'd been forced to jump out you would not be laughing. || Protect all genders from domestic violence because all genders are equally important

The idea that women cannot be abusive and controlling is again, part of patriarchy. Male victims should not be ignored. Feminists care about this. You use "men are abused and raped too" as an excuse BUT, OH, LOOK HOW YOU HANDLED THAT.

well shit, i never even thought of this! it's so true though

Men tell their daughters and sisters not to talk to strangers but get pissed when a woman who don't know them don't wanna talk to them.