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Torrone: Italian Nougat Candy with Almonds Info & Recipe

Torrone Italian nougat candy ..."At a wedding celebration in Cremona, Italy in 1441, a delicious sweet made of nuts, honey and egg whites was featured. It was fashioned in the shape of the famous tower of Cremona known as "Torrione" ...hence the name torrone." (Recipe Link)

In Italy, torrone is a traditional Christmas dessert—a sweet, toasted-almond candy—with many famous regional variations. The term “torrone” probably comes from the latin verb “torrere,” or to toast, referring to the toasted almonds. Today, there are many different types of torronne available—some soft, some hard and some with chocolate—not just in Italy, but worldwide. Torrone from Sicily, Abruzzo, and the cities of Siena, Alba, Cremona and others are especially renowned.

Agnese Italian Recipes: Italian White Torrone Torrone is a traditional sweet Christmas , who was born in Cremona in 1400 and then spreads throughout the rest of Italy. It is a delicacy loved by young and old alike , thanks to its sweet and crunchy almonds and hazelnuts all .