Seamount Aquarium Hardscape Design: Seamount Aquarium Hardscape Design

Takashi Amano is one of the greatest aquascapers! Nature Aquariums and Aquascaping Ideas by Takashi Amano - Image 13 : Creative Aquarium Hardscape

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Very cool Discus tank.although I'm not entirely sure they will live well. Discus require very specific water to thrive and usually there is a little brown tint to the water from the peat.

Dicas de Como Fazer Aquapaisagismo

Dicas de Como Fazer Aquapaisagismo

excellent miniaturization!

2008 AGA Aquascaping Contest now online, why dont we have this for reefs? News Reef Builders

Lord of the Fish Tanks:

Lord of the Fish Tanks Tank Dimensions (cm): (h) --- (using only 15 cm height except sand height) Net Aquarium volume: 12 liters Setup Date: May 2010 Flora: Eleocharis parvula Fissidens fontanus Vesicularia sp. One day I will have a tank like this.

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This Nature Aquarium at the Aqua Design Amano gallery is very much an old school example, photo by Daniel Chow.

DENNERLE Nano Cube® Contest 2013. Quality test. Results | Все для аквариума, террариума и пруда

The fish will delight in a wide collection of frozen and dried foods. The water has to be properly oxygenated by means of a very good filtration system, and cleaned on a normal basis, as this enables them to stay healthy

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