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Cotton Gin - Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin that automated separating cotton seeds from cotton fiber, was born on December 8, 1765. At this YouTube website you can learn about Eli Whitney and the history of the cotton gin as you watch a video demonstration of a cotton gin by a volunteer at the Smithsonian Museum of American History. The California Gold Rush - Fun Gold Mining Facts & Pictures for Kids About The History of The 1849 Gold Rush (Gold Prospecting, ...


Crazy for Gold: Canadian Flyer Adventures #3

Since discovering the Canadian Flyer, a magical time-traveling sled, in Emily's attic, Matt and Emily have met fearsome pirates in Frobisher Bay and outrun dinosaurs in the Alberta badlands. In Crazy for Gold, Emily and Matt fly to the Yukon. It''s the late 1800s, and gold rush fever has taken hold. But as Emily and Matt soon find out, the quest for gold is difficult and dangerous. First, they must make the long and grueling climb up an icy mountain.

Gold Rush Trading Post..The CUTEST idea for bday party or just an activity. Spray paint rocks gold and hide them all over the yard. Then have the little ones hunt for gold. When they're done have the "gold rush trading post" where they can trade their lute for goodies. So cute!

Panning for GOLD! spray paint rocks gold poke holes in a pie plate fill a kiddie pool with dirty water and "gold" and let kids pan for gold.