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lets play titanic, you be the iceberg and i'll go down *luke slowly turns away from him and ashton looks horrified*

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Imagine: Ashton wants to impress you because he likes you, (you two aren't dating yet) so he attempts to wall twerk.

I WANNA BE IN THE TrIBE ^^^ debating whether this is my fave 5sos keek or the one where Mikey pretends to be Lou or the jigglepuff or Ozzie rap one:)... Or the cuddle one!

My friend thinks she's like a freaking professional dancer! LIKE STAHP! SHE'S ONLY BEEN AT THE DANCE STUDIO FOR 1 FREAKING YEAR! STAHP !

"hello im luke. im a guard for the badlands and im 19. i just recently got this job. i love to drink beer." i shrug

Michael looks like he's looking around professor oaks lab like well these Pokemon are okay but... *then sees pikachu* FUCK IM HAVING THAT ONE!

Michael may annoy Luke like very much but when someone messes with Luke Michael will slit their throat using a slice of pizza<< so true