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lets play titanic, you be the iceberg and i'll go down *luke slowly turns away from him and ashton looks horrified*

Michael may annoy Luke like very much but when someone messes with Luke Michael will slit their throat using a slice of pizza<< so true

Especially when I'm being bitched at by all the people in my class. No offence, sometimes truth hurts Eminem <3

I WANNA BE IN THE TrIBE ^^^ debating whether this is my fave 5sos keek or the one where Mikey pretends to be Lou or the jigglepuff or Ozzie rap one:)... Or the cuddle one!

michael clifford 2014 august | michael clifford

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I have no words rn..<<<I FUCKING LAUGHED AT THE FACE CALUM'S MAKEING FOR THREE MINUTES.<<<that face is priceless

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does anyone have any tips on trying to attempt meeting the boys before or after shows?