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17 Floral Wedding Dresses show off your fashion taste

The "Wedding at Bermondsey" 1569 by Joris Hofnagel (1542 – 1601). For 1578 "most women should wear a smock with a high collar and ruffles (low status) ... Over this is worn a long skirt pleated to a waistband, with a contrast coloured bodice over the top. The bodice is front laced, with a point at centre front... An apron is worn over the two." The Tudor Costume Page.

1926 Daydress. The slim, youthful silhouette of 1920s fashion signaled the emergence of a new ideal of feminine beauty. Unlike her predecessors of the late 19th century, who favored the silhouette of a mature, well-endowed woman swathed in layers of fabric, the 1920s woman dressed in a style that emphasized youth. Lightweight daydresses for adult women were designed to expose bare arms and lower legs, parts of the body typically covered by all except young girls.

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