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If we have a movie room I want this outside of it.  Have an entrance that reminds people of going into a theatre? Need to not think they're in a carpark

Home Theatre Entrance - paint the door to the room then add things to the walls. it'd be fun if the wall that wasn't the door held candy and had a mini frig, ENTRANCE TO MY THEATER ROOM

HAHAAHA Good old John Watson!!

HAHAAHA Good old John Watson!!

Box - CATEGORY: Image and Type STATEMENT: I love the way the signature/title of the movie poster interacts with the image.

Radio: Ep. 28- Jackie, Lion, WAFCA, Just Friends & Movie Scores

Here's the first teaser trailer and key art poster for Jackie, the Jacqueline Kennedy biopic starring Natalie Portman as Camelot's first lady.

In this House We Do Potter We do Harry Potter by ApareciumDesign

In this House We Do Potter, We do Harry Potter wall decal, Harry Potter quotes wall decal. Try it with other quotes on a bathroom wall

This movie was really deep back then.

Funny pics, memes and trending stories

This movie gave me nightmares as a child.-->I love this meaning but did that one person REALLY think that in the movie the colors were inverted, or did they just see the same post before and not notice it?

Blu-ray shelves...but I'd make it a LIBRARY!!  and right beside a theater room...I wish this is at my house

Blu-ray shelves and right beside a theater room!I wish this is at my house

Transport Yourself To Wonderland With This Alice In Wonderland Inspired Door Knob!

This is an Alice in Wonderland inspired door knob cover. It can be added to any existing door knob for a wonderland look!

Book shelf & lovely classic books

15 Fabulous Floating Shelf Projects and Designs

Floating bookshelves, these are bookshelves I like. Looks like you could do this with an IKEA kitchen wall cabinet minus door and turned horizontal to mount. IDEA for narrow wall next to our kitchen wall