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Fiberygoodness Fireside Chat - YouTube

Natalie Redding from Namaste Farms will be joining me in a fireside chat!

Shepherds Talk . . . everything fiber  From shearing to skirting, washing, picking, carding and dying, to spinning and knitting with natural wool fibers and locks, learn techniques from shepherds who are fiber artists and great teachers.

Shepherds Talk is all about fiber.

How To Make a Living Crafting Sheep's Wool

Natalie from Namaste Farms is a master of her craft! If you like spinning or knitting she has you covered but she can also teach you how to create success wi.

Making your own roving with a hackle and diz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHkcTygAZ6I www.woolwench.com

Making your own roving with a hackle and diz - by Woolwench.

Judith MacKenzie spinning color repeats

Judith MacKenzie demonstrates spinning color repeats for sock yarn - espinner retreat in Forks, WA -

Nothing to do with felting except that it is working with wool. I found it fascinating Dizzing  Part 2

Using A Blending Hackle To Make Smooth Roving From Carded Fiber

How to Core Spin - using pre-drafted silk hankies

How to core spin with a roving from a silk hankie on a commercial lambswool core yarn.

Alden Amos interview

Alden Amos interviewed by Linda Ligon. They discuss how Alden became a wheelmaker, his ideal wheel, and why spinners should drink beer. The Spinning Wheel Pr.

5. Wool Processing in a craft mill, Part 2:  Regional craft mills like this one help lower small producers' financial and environmental costs of transporting fleece to and from commercial mills many hundreds of miles away. The financial and energy costs to the craft mill processors are considerable, however, in their investment in many machines and the cost of energy needed to operate them.

Sonlight week 19 - Mountain Born: Wool Processing in a Fiber Mill Part 2 of 3