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I agree. Why do so many humans believe they have the right to take the life of a child before it is born?

Actually not a fetus, zygote. It is a baby made in God's own image.


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Funny pictures about Morning prayer. Oh, and cool pics about Morning prayer. Also, Morning prayer photos.


Prayer Of The Day – A Prayer For Extended Family by - Storefront Life - Storefront Life Mc Elwee Brown Wife

So many little girls hearts are being hardened before they're even grown...see it everyday :(

This is so true. Ladies, take note. There are enough women who think they need to be tough all the time. Stop putting on a front and live life to your full potential. Be a woman of God.

Why would you force a Catholic to buy your birth control?

Remember, Hobby Lobby isn't suing to not be forced to provide normal birth control. They ARE suing to keep from being forced to provide abortion coverage. Hormone control is fine. Ending inconvenient life is wrong.