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Funny pictures about Black Rapunzel. Oh, and cool pics about Black Rapunzel. Also, Black Rapunzel photos.

Dr Seuss Explains Pregnancy

Dr Seuss Explains Pregnancy

Dr Suess explains pregnancy - Oh my. what a way to explain to kids about pregnancy? Or adults.

Where's Buzz? WHERE'S BUZZ!?

the real Woody

My husband just got himself Red Dead Redemption, and it's totally entrancing. Woody does a decent John Marsten impression. In the second Toy Story, when.

Yo Mama- we have many "yo mama" nights around the table- don't judge us...

My second favorite "Yo' mama so fat". Number 1 being " Yo mama so fat she was diagnosed with a flesh eating bacteria & they gave her 13 years to live.

Most awesome teachers.

To all my teacher friends these are hilarious. Just great to know that Teachers have a great sense of humor.

Once behind a wheelbarrow during a night hide and go seek (no one found me for at least half an hour - I was still hiding when everyone else was found) and another in a large hole in some bushes.

First Grade Problems. I'm not gonna be a Richard Simmonsgot and try to take credit for this so I'm doing this thing where I leave the author's name on the post First grade prob