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Tsuki Boko Lion Dog Embroidery http://gionfestival.org/spiritual-origins/

Tsuki Boko From Yoshidas http://gionfestival.org/spiritual-origins/

Sakurai C Pon Kanko Boko http://gionfestival.org/spiritual-origins/

Tsuki Boko 3-legged Crow Haori http://gionfestival.org/spiritual-origins/

Tsuki Boko Gilt Fan Painting Metalwork http://gionfestival.org/spiritual-origins/

The Gion Festival is a neighborhood celebration that now welcomes more than a million visitors. http://gionfestival.org/

Tsuki Boko Gyoretsu Frontal View http://gionfestival.org/spiritual-origins/

The Trinity is a doctrine not taught in the Bible but adopted by many in Christendom and originated as a part of pagan worship. Christendom simply picked up the idea to win over the pagans. They suddenly made Jehovah, Jesus and the Holy Spirit 3 persons in one godhead. (4th C. C.E., Council of Constantine). ~ for more info see jw.org


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