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Mum Vs Dad

Mum Vs Dad

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helps kitty eat her cracker ^♡^

Here's a fun fact for u. That button takes u to the first website for what u searched. Ex. If u typed McDonalds into the search bar, it might take u to the McDonald's website (or whatever is first on the search screen).

Teenager Posts Of The Week!

Teenager Posts My dad told me that used to if you typed 'Who can beat Chuck Norris' and hit the I'm Feeling Lucky button, it would say, 'No one can beat Chuck Norris.

Collie Puppies


i want. i want. i want.


So true xxxx

The spring... (Where I live at least)

Teenager Post - Me picking our my outfits thighs time of year: would I rather be cold in the morning or hot in the afternoon.


Tweety And Sylvester

Funny pictures about Real life Sylvester. Oh, and cool pics about Real life Sylvester. Also, Real life Sylvester.

when you take a selfie so good

On the rare occasion yeessssss!


A duck-billed platypus sucked a man's face off during the Wimbledon quarter final

Zzzzzzz... Bailey was this small...once... I think it lasted 2 days...haha

LL Bean puppy.

Image result for where can you write teenager posts

lol this is me when The correct emoji doesn't appear on my iphone when i type in a word and im like Really It doesn't exist? Then I go on a quest to find it.

This will never stop being hilarious... j beibs zac owns you every day of the week every day of life

No, no, i think Zac Efron nailed it. Because unlike Justin Bieber, Zac Efron is a boy, and Zac Efron is beautiful. Sorry to offend you lovers of JB.

What a missed opportunity.

What a missed opportunity.

What a life fail. Way to go English language. Forever disappointed that a group of squids isn't called a squad.

Oh my gosh, this is like how I keep my self from eating too much sugar. I just think of Jaba, and how no one liked him, and then I manage to cut myself off...rarely, lol...ugh...

Funny pictures about Bring me chips. Oh, and cool pics about Bring me chips. Also, Bring me chips.

I really want to believe the photographer then helped rescue the missing ducklings.

hahaha this is why ducks cross the road.