Creative Lalique - From Wiki - Rene Jules Lalique French glass designer of glass art, perfume bottles, vases, jewelry, chandeliers, clocks, hood ornaments, started glassware firm named after him which still remains successful today, in 1920s noted for art deco style, work is synonymous with creativity, beauty quality

René Lalique: As well as the use of opals, this pendant displays several features typical of Lalique's work: the multiple form common to his pendent designs and the neck chain interspersed with opal beads.

Hector Guimard, Chandelier, 1909 ~ Chiselled golden bronze ...

Brooch by Hector Guimard (French, ~ 1909 ~ Gold, agate, pearls, and moonstones.

☆ René Lalique Dragonfly Woman Corsage Ornament Brooch {1897–1898} Gold, Enamel, Chrysoprase, Moonstones, and Damonds. ☆

& Ren& Lalique Dragonfly Woman Corsage Ornament Pin Gold, Enamel, Chrysoprase, Moonstones, and Damonds.just wow # WebMatrix


Art Nouveau - Necklace (Rene Lalique, was a French Glass Designer and was an innovator of Art Nouveau jewelry and glassware. In the he became noted for his work in the Art Deco style)

RENÉ LALIQUE | 'Grecian Dancers' Bracelet. Gold, enamel, hand engraved glass, diamond, aquamarine. France - 1898.

This was done before dremels and power tools, imagine the carving, on glass by hand.