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YOU Can Make a Fursuit for $100 (a helpful guide) by Tsebresos on DeviantArt

I am not a furry and I'm definitely not interested in making a fursuit, but this is helpful for making other costumes

MADE TO ORDER Woven wall hanging // Furry Pistachio by jujujust…

MADE TO ORDER - Landscape n.5

Judit Just Woven wall hanging / Furry Pistachio n. 2 // Handwoven Tapestry Wall hanging Weaving Fiber Art Textile Woven Home Decor Jujujust

well, it's self explanatory ;w; I was commissioned by Neo-Anton to make a tutorial on how to draw muzzles. But I decided to make it sorta just a big guide on the whole face and expressions and stuf...

EDIT: Since a lot of people have been watching this account, I want to just write that the artist of this tutorial has moved accounts! NEW ACCOUNT IF . Guide to Drawing Furry Faces