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Unit 9 Conservation: Both the Dunkin cup and SunnyD cup both have about the same amount of liquid in it. A child who has not accomplished learning conservation yet may think that the SunnyD has more in it because it looks almost full. However. The Dunkin cup is obviously wider.
Unit 5 Opiates: Advil and aspirin are used to lessen pain just as opiates are used to do. However, opiates are more harmful because they are addictive drugs.
Unit 5 Latent Content: The underlying meaning of my boxing dream that someone would assume that I maybe was trying to fight off an enemy or situation.
Unit 5 Manifest Content: The other day I dreamed that I was in a boxing match and was practicing boxing on bags like this.
Unit 3B Temporal Lobes: My cousin Jen and a portion of my family are out to eat at Legal Sea Foods. She is listening to my Uncle Bill talking across the table and is receiving info from primarily her opposite ear.
Unit 8A Drive-Reduction Theory: The spicy wings I just had made me so thirsty and gave me an unpleasant feeling. I had to run to the fridge to grab a drink and maybe something healthy to ease the tension in my stomach as well.
Unit 11 Reliability: The French fries at the Shake Shack (my favorite restaurant) always look and taste the same every time I go or see a picture of them. They are very consistent. Reliability is a measure of consistency.
Unit 4 Bottom-up Processing: My mom brought me over one of my favorite cereals (Pops) but I immediately rejected it (without thinking) when I saw it because there were raisins mixed in.
Units 1&2: Basic Research I came across these magazines while studying in the library after school. I know that by reading these it would improve my scientific knowledge.
Unit 11 Predictive Validity: By getting a tester done for my hair before prom I can predict how well my hair is going to come out on prom day. This shows that I will be able to strongly predict how my hair will come out. This is before they did my hair obviously.