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The one who draw this handsome face of Calum (my loves) I idolized you very much, I fancy you, I'm jealous of your creativeness, I envy you and all the other artists who draw the faces of 5 Seconds of Summer

Fan art // I am so gonna draw the four of them later

Fan art // I am so gonna draw the four of them later<<< this is so cute. this is me bc drawing faces are so hard. I would hate to ruin a fabulous pic by adding a face ya know?

You can have him...i prefer these babes XD

Alex from Target.or from Target?--- I prefer Ashley, Hebert, Daniel, and Oscar.

of Summer-The fam was the first fandom I actually joined and I'm so glad I did because it has helped me in life in so many ways. Luke, Michael, Calum, and Ashton have been the greatest inspirations and sources of hope I could ask for

This picture of Calum made me forget the meaning of "breathe". He is so goddamn beautiful.

He looks so perfect standing there Luke probably stole a pair of his underwear and ik now why hes so down <<< his concerned face is a work of art he is looking for the nearest Walmart

5SOS Excited Throwing Confetti

5 Seconds of Summer Fan Problems, Things Only 5SOS Fans Understand

5 Seconds of Summer won the award for Song Of The Summer at the 2015 VMAs, and fans are (rightfully) ecstatic.

Luke!!! doubt it but....I'm pinning it again just in case!

5SOS Memes and Jokes on

Hey going to the concert and is opening so, I mean I guess they have a better chance of noticing me.