We are always looking for authentic resources to use in our lessons. Right now, instagram is the social media of choice for students. We found an instagram full of authentic quotes that pertain to ...

Fun for Spanish Teachers: 6 Tips for Using Puppets to Teach Spanish to Children - advice from an Expert Puppeteer and Actor in Colombia

Teaching Spanish verb conjugation. I am going to assign a subject to each group and have them present their sentences to the class. This is great for all verb tenses!

Spanish activities: Set of blank maps for giving directions from Madrid, Spain. Authentic :) #Spanishlearning #TeachingSpanish http://www.bbcactivelanguages.com/talk/spanish/Sp51.htm

YouTube may not seem all that educational, but it houses some fantastic channels that can help you teach your children Spanish!

Great idea for preterite vs. imperfect. Take a festival/cultural event and have students pretend they were there!

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