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Touch of Destruction - Fantasy Art

Elder Scrolls Concept Art Dump - Imgur

Elder Scrolls Concept Art Dump

Bleach...Ichigo, Ulquiorra, & Orihime/Rukia, Byakuya, & Renji/Toshiro, Gin, & Grimmjow/

Bleach Jigoku-hen COMPLETE by ~Naru-Nisa on deviantART pretty cool not gonna lie, rukia looks goooddddd


A page for describing Characters: Dynasty Warriors: Jin Kingdom. Jin, introduced to the games in is essentially Wei in its later years as led by the Sima …

The Order of the Martyr are elite archers equipped with superior composite longbows and fairly light or medium armor. They were formed as a natural rival to the feared Order of the Bloody Cross and.

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fullmetal alchemist, fma, maes hughes, roy mustang- I'm not crying! *wails like a dying whale*

Axe Fiasco and Mango Cheese

cookiecreation: “Fierrochase Week [Day Historical/Royalty] Just wanted to draw alex wearing a crown bc she deserves it ”

Ball jointed doll, lovely girl with violet eyes, dollspiration, doll photography

A pretty doll with a cute little violin. I love that she's holding the tiny sheet music.