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DIY Yogurt Cup Organizer how neat is this.DIY Yogurt Cup Organizer- can't understand the instructions to this one, but I like it!

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DIY simple and cute button bookmarks - What to do with all of those leftover buttons. Plus lots of other simple craft ideas. I know there must be something to be done with those cute buttons and my left over paper clips.

DIY mini hangers-this is the only diy project I will ever pin, because it's that adorable and you never know when you might need a teensy hanger

how to make a mini clothes hanger (for decorations on cards, etc.) from a paper clip! Use large paper clips to make hangers for barbie clothes!

DIY Project You can Try!  #picsandpalettes #DIY

DIY utensil holder project idea: upcycle old tin cans in to a beautiful container for your utensils

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DIY Cross Stitched Match Box Tutorial from Craft & Creativity here. You can buy bags of blank match boxes at craft stores or online.

I like these headphones cause they are very cool. I think I will do the same with mine because it's a good idea!

10 DIY Projects for Girls

10 DIY Projects for Girls - Pretty Designs Teen Crafts Ideas and DIY Projects for Teens and Tweens - DIY Embroidery Headphones fun project for teens: Should you absolutely love arts and crafts you'll will love this website!

To do with the waste bottle storage bottles.

Great picture tutorial on how to make a pencil case out of a used soda pop bottle!