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Hoping that this is the same that I did about 10 years ago, when I received a baggie and made a batch. oh sooo good! I put large crystal sugar on top

What is Amish Friendship Bread?

It sounds dramatic but actually has some good information!  Flossing when you have braces is VERY important.

Why You Need To Floss

Effects of Poor Dental Hygiene on Your Body. Take care of your teeth. Whether you like it or not, you will be judged by others for having nasty teeth. Brush, rinse, floss, and see the dentist twice a year!

plaque tablets...oh how you hoped yours weren't the pinkest teeth on that day at school!!

plaque tablets from the dental clinic, would you believe I found a packet of these in my childhood 'stash'.I must have pilfered some from the school dentist one day and kept them all these years.

10 Tricks for Teaching Dental Health to Kids (a really good read especially if you think you have heard/ read it all)

10 Tricks for Teaching Dental Health to Kids (from a Dental Hygeinist):

Want some inside tricks on teaching your kids proper dental health? Hopefully after reading these 10 ideas you won't have to visit the dentist as often!

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This is when Empire Dental Supplies come in - get rid of tooth decay and get immediate caries treatment with the help of our Caries Detector line.

My question everyday.

Who does root canal work how to protect teeth from decay,oral hygiene and health best teeth whitening system,routine dental services causes of swollen gums around tooth.

Oh man I thought this would go away with time... Guess I'm doomed

Dentists in Lakeview 60657 at

Lol.only dental assistants would know @Sandra Soto

"First Impression" poster

dental hygiene humor

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I remember asking someone why a certain person had bad hygiene and didn't take care of themselves- their reply? Oh it's just a PHASE. Being dirty is not a phase- it's being lazy, smelly, and uneducated. Don't be slobs- have a shower and change your clothes. Ew! Phase my ass helllloo

Brush Your Teeth Bathroom Art Prints

I've always thought it was impossible to brand a dentist because teeth are inherently ugly! Oh how wrong I was, this is pretty great.

Dentmed identity by Adrian Pietrzak from Lodz, Poland. makes me almost want to go to the dentist.

Oh geeze! @iluvvettes @yayaismyname @uhnonymous @butterfleyelvr

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Why is patience a virtue? wombatarama Why is patience a virtue? Why is patience a virtue?