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Hanover Lodge, Regent's Park, London. Home of the Cochrane family in the 1830s.

Home of the Cochrane family in the

Vauxhall Hall Gardens season ticket token. Demonstrates the heterogeneous lives of those mothers who relied on the charity of the Foundling Hospital.

Vauxhall Hall gardens season ticket token from the Foundling Museum

Look inside a Georgian townhouse, a blog post by Sharon Lathan http://sharonlathanauthor.com/look-inside-a-georgian-townhouse

The typical London townhouse of the century was a brick-built, flat-fronted house on four or five floors with regularly spaced sash windows and often a canopy over the front door

almack's | ... at Almack's in the West, by I. Robert and George Cruikshank, 1821

Almack’s and its Snobbish Patronesses

Almack's Assembly Room painting by I.Robert and George Cruikshank entitled "Highest Life in London Tom and Jerry Sporting a Toe among the Corinthians at Almack's in the West.

18th and 19th Century: Visitor Safety in Regency London - Picture of Pickpockets

Oliver Amazed At The Dodgers Mode Of Going To Work From The Book The Adventures Of Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens With Illustrations By GCruikshank Published By Chapman And Hall London 1901 Canvas Ar