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"I don't usually gamble, Tiho. But is it really a gamble if I knew I was going to win?" - Occasional Sass Master Rosalie

Digimon Adventure - DigiDestined with their Digimon and their Digi-Crest: Tai (Taichi) with Agumon and Crest of Courage, Matt (Yamato) with Gabumon and Crest of Friendship, Sora with Biyomon (Piyomon) and Crest of Love, Izzy (Koushiro) with Tentomon and Crest of Knowledge, Mimi with Palmon and Crest of Pure/Innocence, Joe with Gomamon and Crest of Reliabilty, T.K. (Takeru) with Patamon and Crest of Hope, Kari (Hikari) wirh Gatomon (Tailmon) and Crest of Light

Sailor Senshi: : Sailor Mars, Sailor Moon, and Sailor Mercury. Vintage Heinz Sailormoon Pasta. $5.95. (Merchandise)

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