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Azariah. CA. Mixed/Biracial. Queer. Non-binary/Genderflux/Transmasc/??? (I can't put it into words but I'm just me). They/He (use them equally please). Welcome to my safe space.

Forget hygge – it’s all about friluftsliv

For Norwegians, friluftsliv (free-loofts-live) is a way of life, encouraging a simple enjoyment of nature that is often missing from busy lives. #simpleliving #scandinavian

Northern exposures: how to take a perfect winter wildlife photograph

Why sheep farmers might not be keen on the lynx being reintroduced to Scotland

The reintroduction of lynx and other large predators to parts of Scotland could lead to a rise in the number of sheep being killed and eaten, carrying serious consequences for farmers, a visiting delegation from Norway has warned.