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La Luna Athanasius Kircher, Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae (Rome: Scheus, 'The Selenic Shadowdial or the Process of the Lunation'.

The Seven Stages of Alchemical Transformation - Alchemy Infographic, Spiritual Lesson, Spiritual Infographic, Occult Infographic, Witchcraft Infographic

The Seven Stages of Alchemical Transformation: A Spiritual Metaphor (Infographic)

A really wonderful infographic that captures so much good information on alchemy and the ideas at the core of the All Souls Trilogy.

Le Petit Poulailler

would be a nice steampunk design. so beautiful allthingsstrange: Ornate and complex astronomy charts from Tibet. Align the stars


Alchemical Emblems, Occult Diagrams, and Memory Arts: The Inner Geometry of Alchemical Emblems tat idea

Architectural drawing

acrosc: “I hope you wanted more alchemy stuff that I found, because.here’s more alchemy stuff that I found. They all involve circles. A lot of circles. [ …and here’s my alchemy tag if you want.

Sacred Geometry Tree of Life

The Tree of Life resides within the Flower of Life and within our spiritual being. -> Great tools for light-workers. Flower of Life

Golden ratio


Very good article with explanation about Sacred Geomatry

Everything is Sound and Light

Very good article with explanation about Sacred Geomatry

I love charts like these. I would cover the walls of my home with framed charts if I could trust my children not to touch.

Graphic Design - Graphic Design Ideas - lunar cycle / Sacred Geometry ♥ Graphic Design Ideas : – Picture : – Description lunar cycle / Sacred Geometry ♥ -Read More –