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Evergreen Bunching Onions - Clusters of long, slender onions that are tasty in soups, salads or as a garnish.

Southport Bunching Onions - A medium pungent, flavorful bunching type. Long white shank, deep bluish-green top.

Livingston Seed Co. Onions - Evergreen Bunching Evergreen Bunching Onion produces clusters of long, slender onions that can be separated. Tasty in soups, salads or as a garnish. Later plantings will winter over for a spring harvest. Start indoors for Spring crop. Country Max 20 cent sale

Tasty Green Hybrid Cucumber - Japanese slicing type offers high yields of 8-9" long, slender dark green fruits. These burpless cucumbers are crisp, juicy and have a wonderful mild, sweet flavor. Excellent for fresh eating and salads!

Albion Hybrid Parsnip - Albion Hybrid Parsnip Seeds - These parsnips reach 8 to 10 inches long, filled right to the tip with sugary goodness. Won't dig until good cold spell. Maybe not 'til spring 2017. Have some planted 2015 to dig spring 2016.

Cylindra Beet - This beet is made for slicing! A unique long and cylindrical beet gives 3 to 4 times more uniform slices than round beets. Sweet, dark red roots are 8" long, 1¾" across. Baby beets and greens make excellent eating.

Inchelium Red - Won a 1990 Rodale taste test for softneck varieties. 2 - 3" bulbs with 10-20 plump cloves per bulb. Rich flavor with a medium level of heat or spiciness Bulbs have a thick outer sheath and a thin clove layer that is easy to peel.

**Ultimate Opener Hybrid Tomato Strong, vigorous, indeterminate plants are capable of tremendous yields, much higher than comparable early varieties, ensured by a strong disease resistance package. Harvest fruits just 57 days from transplanting.20 seeds

Globo Onion - Huge onions. Large and broad, oval shaped onion that is excellent for the kitchen and even for exhibiting. This straw colored hybrid can grow as big as 2 lb. when it has reached maturity. It is very tasty when added raw in salads or cooked in stir frys or salsa as a medium or large onion. Needs to be started as a transplant in short season areas to get really big. Not recommended for long-term storage. Days to Maturity 120. Gurneys seed no longer on site.

Argonaut Hybrid Butternut Winter Squash Squash Seed Vegetable Seeds Gurneys Seed & Nursery Outstanding, Sweet Flavor! You'll love Argonaut's honey-sweet flavor and meaty texture; tastes much better than older butternut types like Walt ham! Enormous butternut type, bright gold fruits are 15-27 in. and weigh 30 lbs. or more. Will hold up to 8 months in storage. Vigorous vines are easy to grow. 140 DAYS.