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Piano Stairs. Love!

Top 25 Home Stairs Decorating DIY Projects

#knit stop sign flowers via stopsignflower.com

Check out the stopsignflower to visit the brilliance of this idea. Basically a guy's daughter got a knitting kit, he had to learn how to teach her how to do it. He thought of knitting these "stop sign flowers" and put them up around San Diego.

Merdiven boyama

flower steps in Ewha, Korea That was one thing that was really cool in Korea. They had beautiful murals all over the place! All of the walls around the military bases had murals, sides of buildings usually had murals… It was just beautiful!

"Under the Baobab" for London's 'Festival of the World' in 2012 created by Pirate Technics, made from fabrics selected or designed by MA textile students from Chelsea Collage of Art and Design.   Image by Lara Lee

15 metre tall baobab tree sculpture in Southbank, London as part of the Festival of the World exhibition. Each ring is made by people and material from around the globe. The baobab tree is the oldest living tree in Africa, a symbol for meditation and comm

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Photo and rights via) Spanish artist Escif just completed this great new light switch mural in Katowice, Poland as a part of the Katowice Street Art Festival!


Kid Class: Painting with Pixels - MonDak Heritage Center

Artistic Land : Awesome 3D Chalk Art !

This drawing of a Monarch Butterfly in Mexico City incorporates the yearly migration of butterflies that travel through Mexico.