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The Descent into hell. Early 14th c. A true artistic accomplishment. Icon gallery, Ohrid, FYRoM.

The Descent into hell. A true artistic accomplishment.

Icon: Descent into Hell (Сошествие во ад), late 15th Century, Rostov Province

Hades is bound; the Prophets rejoice!

Descent into Hades, beginning of 14th c

The Icon Gallery-Ohrid is one of worlds' most significant icon galleries. These icons are very important segment of the Byzantine art in general.

Lindau Gospel cover 1c hr - NYC Pierpont Morgan Library

Carolingian Art Lindau Gospels front cover, Crucifixion CE gold and gems Jesus is still alive, but free from fear and pain to show triumph over death, and book is heavily decorated to show that the word is the treasure.

The Descent into Hell. Late 13th early 14th century Northern school

The Descent into Hell

A 17th century icon of a dog-headed St. Christopher.

Sts Stephen and Christopher Unknown Greek painter Egg tempera on oak, 21 x 16 cm Ikonen-Museum, Recklinghausen Wikipedia: In the Eastern Orthodox Church, certain icons covertly identify Saint.

The Descent into Hell

The Descent into Hell

This delicately painted icon shows Christ's Crucifixion before the walls of Jerusalem.  A detail rarely included in Crucifixion scenes is the resurrection of the dead, portrayed here as tightly wrapped corpses, after Matthew 27:52: "The tombs also were opened, and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised."  According to tradition, this resurrection occurred immediately after the blood of Christ had dripped onto Adam's skull which had been buried at Calvary. The back of the…

A Byzantine Crucifixion from the Walters collection. I think it really pops cause the few things that are colored are bright so they stand out. This is a rather graphic paint though


this icon is a spectacular example of the complex version of the Resurrection of Christ, presenting a combination of the iconography of the Descent into Hell and the Resurrection from the Tomb, which first appeared in Russian art in the earl

Illustrated Vita Christi, with devotional supplements; Unknown; Northern England (perhaps York); about 1190 - 1200 and about 1480 - 1490; Tempera colors, gold, and ink on parchment; Closed: 17.6 × 12.8 × 4.3 cm (6 15/16 × 5 1/16 × 1 11/16 in.); Ms. 101

Hell mouth - Harrowing of Hell English, Northern England, century; Text century Tempera colors and gold leaf on parchment

The Harrowing of Hell or Christ in Limbo, from The Large Passion (1510) - Albrecht Durer

The Harrowing of Hell or Christ in Limbo, from The Large Passion, 1510 - Albrecht Durer

Giovanni Canavesio, Jugement Dernier - Damnés (Last Judgement - The Damned Souls [detail]), 1492.

Giovanni Canavesio, Last Judgement - The Damned Souls [detail]), Sanctuary Notre Dame des Fontaines, La Brigue, France.

Giotto di Bondone, Giudizio universal - Inferno (The Last Judgement - Hell), circa 1306. The Scrovegni Chapel, Padua, Veneto, Italy...

Giotto di Bondone, Giudizio universal - Inferno (The Last Judgement - Hell)…

Images of Biblical Hell | Harrowing of Hell fresco, Church of St. George,

Images of Biblical Hell

Икона Богородицы. Начало XIIIв. Монастырь Святой Екатерины на Синае.

Ikon of the Theotokos 40 x 26 in x cm Egg Tempera on Wood Panel Early Century Holy Monastery of St. Catherine - Sinai This ikon of the Vigin comes from a Great Deesis.

Byzantine Icon with the Archangel Michael (early 14th century) at National Gallery of Art Washington DC | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Byzantine Icon of Archangel Michael (early century) at National Gallery of Art Washington DC