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PIPO Chair courbes et volupté par Piegatto - mobilier design tout en bois en provenance direct du Guatemala

PIPO Chair courbes et volupté par Piegatto

Designer Alejandro Estrada created the Pipo Chair for manufacturer Piegatto. "The Pipo Chair is conceived as a wooden surface that integrates armchairs and seat from the same material.

Designed by Svilen Gamolov

These three bar stools are design concepts made by Bulgarian designer, Svilen Gamolov. They all remind different numbers and made in black and white color

LaRoche Chair by Milla Rezanova

LaRoche Chair by Milla Rezanova

Cantilever conception cuillère

Today we want to show you creative chair created by young Austrian designer Philipp Aduatz. It looks like spoon and it's called "Spoon Chair". "The main idea behind

Unique chairs by Crjos Design – INK                                                                                                                                                                                 More

[Unique chairs by Crjos Design – INK] I'm not sure how I would ever get into this corkscrew-base stool.

Furniture Design by the Urbanist Lab

Coup de cœur : Le tabouret réglable par Carlo Contin

Icona Lounge: une #chaise #design par Ismet Cevik

Icona Lounge: une chaise design par Ismet Cevik

Coup de cœur pour la chaise ergonomique « Wild ball chair » réalisée par Alexander Christoff ! Mobilier interactif, elle allie assise et exercices physique

Coup de cœur : Une chaise ergonomique avec un ballon de gymnastique

Active Sitting by Alexander Christoff. The design shows thought given to the issue of comfort, which is so often missing from modern furniture design.