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Underwater Photos Feature A Fabulous '50s Stunt Woman

Underwater Photos Feature A Fabulous '50s Stunt Woman As early as the 1950s, photographer Bruce Mozert went where no campy photographer had gone before, sealing his beloved camera in a handy water-proof case. Et voila!

Harry Potter. Friends tv show. Photography. Narnia. Christmas. You've Got Mail. The Parent Trap. Camping. Chocolate. Winter. Kittens. Jane Austen. SNL. Kristen Wiig. Johnny Depp. One Direction. Gilmore Girls. HIMYM. Diane Keaton.....

I watched with glazed over eyes as the birds' heavy wings pumped against the crisp white air. I heard the familiar click of Nora's camera as she documented the image. But I just drank their freedom in; longing for a piece of it to remain within me.