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History's Most Important Inventor: Nikola Tesla and His Inventions

“If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ <3 Nikola Tesla <3

This is the 4th lesson in the series, "Electromagnetism." It explains Michael Faraday's discovery and analyzes the law he used to explain his discovery


Search for the Mind of God

The recent discovery of a shamanic sanctuary in Europe proves that an advanced and knowledgeable culture once flourished there. The capabilities of the shamans described in mystic tales might had once been a reality after all

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The Inner earth, the crystalline web of light, and vortex energy centers of the Earth.. @ Judith Kusel

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Teaching Electricity with Pickles

Teach electricity with pickles in this engaging demonstration that will hook your students on science!

If we do not take the next exit ramp from the fossil fuel highway, we commitment ourselves to dangerous and irreversible changes in our climate, says Dr. Mic...

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Le magnétisme de Ling Meng

Photography by Ling Meng | Magnetism © 2010