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艦女人與劍男人的戰爭!《刀劍亂舞》人氣超越艦娘的新霸主! | 點我一下 分享無價

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Touken Ranbu 春の景趣 - Mikazuki Munechika

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back-to-back black gloves eyes closed gloves ipev japanese clothes kogitsunemaru long hair male focus mikazuki munechika multiple boys purple hair short hair solo focus touken ranbu white hair - Image View -

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刀剣乱舞 / touken ranbu

刀剣乱舞 / touken ranbu

I've been married to my beloved fox for over a millennium now, and we've already had so many children in all that while.

its a slice of a silver string called mechanism that keeps you here with me. and with words left for dreams i can say i have never been crossed as deeply by anyone.