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This is far too accurate....i can say i cried during both movies

Seems legit>>> you are hired hahah

TheRetroInc on Etsy

or later on you want to be able to say you're not obsessed which you aren't of course

And: oh... That's that character the whole fandom cries about. Or that's the character they always forget. Aka: Adam.

i disagree, i didnt like this series. i just didnt think they were taking the game very seriously, and i dont know. i just didnt enjoy it

No dying though please other than that bless this post it's perfect

I think I'm the only person on any of my fandoms that doesn't ship anything…<<< I have to ask... how!?!?

River Song and the Doctor!!!! Every time they have a scene together, I yell "JUST KISS HER YOU IDIOT! YOU WANT IT, I WANT IT, SHE WANTS IT! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!"