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François Flameng (french,1856-1923)

The Love Letter. François Flameng (French, Oil on panel. Flameng initially received renown for his history painting and portraiture, and became a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Iran Politics Club: Hojatollah Shakiba - Part 2: Persian Colonial Miniatures Gallery

Iran Politics Club: Hojatollah Shakiba - Part Persian Colonial Miniatures Gallery

Iran Politics Club: Hojatollah Shakiba - Part 1: Persian Ancient Miniatures Gallery

Persian painting has several branches, most notably the classical art of the Persian miniature, including the modern, popular form of "Qahveh Khanehei" Painting (Tea House style painting).

23rd Great Grandpere, "The Heart of a Lion," Louis (Capet) de France 1187 - 1226 Paris, France He captured London, England and was declared King of England but not crowned, in St. Paul's, Captured Winchester and most of England during Baron's revolt against our other Great Grandpa John Plantagenet, King of England!!  The Lion married Spanish Princess, Blanca Castille, uniting these Crowns.  SPANISH-FRENCH children!!

14 July 1223 – Louis VIII becomes King of France upon the death of his father, Philip II of France. Louis VIII only briefly ruled as king for three years.

Harriet Bodisco (b. 1824), neé Beall Brooks Williams, married the Russian ambassador in the USA Alexander Bodisco | Johann Conrad Dorner (1844)

Harriet (nee Williams), Baroness Bodisko, the American bride of the (much older) Russian ambassador to the US, Baron Alexander Bodisko. He was vy popular, known as Uncle Sasha.

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