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Dawn's scarf.

Dawn's scarf.

adventuresofastudentteacher:  This is a nice idea for pre-school or primary pupils, if the jar is filled up with fuzzy balls for things like being polite/helping someone out, the class gets a party!

Don't you love that warm, fuzzy feeling? The jar says: Do something kind and get a warm fuzzy. Put it in the jar. When the jar is full you get a class party! Can easily modify for home behaviors - positive reinforcement.

Warm Fuzzy Piñata Cake ~ A warm and fuzzy pound cake filled with candy hearts that will sweeten any Valentine's Day.

Warm Fuzzy Piñata Cake

DIY Printable Labels: This inspiration gives us the warm fuzzies. The best and most popular way to keep your home organized is by using labels to structure everything. Labels aren’t just for the pantry. They’d also be perfect for giving order to your garage and even your bathroom. (via The Creativity Exchange)

5 Tips for Decorating Like an Interior Designer

Doesn’t it just give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside?

Peek-a-Boo - 14th November 2016

Peek-a-Boo - November 2016 - We Love Cats and Kittens

I LOVE this activity. We always used to do this at the end of our youth retreats. You tape a piece of cardstock to the back of each person. Everyone gets a pen and you walk around the room writing nice things about that person (like their great attitude, how they are a role model, or how you've seen them grow during retreat!)

What a great positive group activity! Have one person sit on a chair in front of a white board while the others wrote a positive phrase about them. Take a picture to give to each person. A very creative and positive group activity.

Chalk Talk: A Kindergarten Blog: Are You a Bucket Filler?

My new behaviour management system this year. The clear cups will give continual visual feedback. Can be used along with other management systems.

Mulled wine cocktails for Winter weddings

MULLED WINE: INGREDIENTS 1 bottle red wine merlot cup brandy 3 cups unsweetened apple cider cup honey 4 cinnamon sticks 1 vanilla b.