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The Equinox (entry vortex) will commence on the 22nd September, 2016. This will create a frequency jump further through the 4D gateway portal that will cause more- high vibrational i… more

Energy Update - Mega-Diamond Razor Frequencies Cutting Through The Veils

Ascension is not a free ride. Ascension requires us to release ego and shadow consciousness so we can gain more LIGHT. If ego and shadow consciousness remain predominant within our being then our chakra system will remain blocked, and we will not be able to receive the transformational energies of en-light-en-ment into our being.❤️☀️

Ascension is a change in frequency and a change in the focus of our consciousness. Ascension is about moving our consciousness from one reality to another.

This didn't make sense to me, but for some reason I liked it, maybe because I like solitude, but how does one use people as an escape? Maybe if they're insincere in their relationships? Anyway, got me to thinking, which is better than not thinking. ;-)

3 Easy Ways To Get Psychically Clean