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Người Ta không sống bằng những gì đã có ... Mà sống bằng những gì để lại ... Hờ hờ hờ ...

Into the sunset of life together, that would be so lovely

forehead kisses over any other kisses. // this picture reminds me of you. i miss your stupid forehead kisses and your lingering hugs.

Los más felices parecen ser aquellos que no tienen una razón especial para serlo. Sencillamente, son así.   . William R. Inge

Romance things: Dance under the rain - Lol! Let's dance. No music, no lights.

Not there yet; but I hope to live up to the idea

Old, but young at heart & in love couples. This is the absolute nest time in a couple's life!

by photographer: Kay Beausoleil

Thinking About You Makes Me …

We will watch many sunsets baby! I love summer sunsets they are so romantic. I love summer sunsets!

Samen heerlijk genieten

Letting the inner kid out to play is an Awesome.way to remain young at heart at any age.

Let's stroll... by ~ Sabrina (this looks JUST LIKE my mother and father-in-law!!!)

Together Forever by ~ Sabrina [photo of an older couple walking together through a vibrant green forest illuminated by the sun]

3 princípios básicos para o Amor

Grow old along with me - The best is yet to be

Elderly couple kissing in the garden of Luxemburg

Beijando-se no jardim de Luxemburgo - Elderly couple kissing in the garden of Luxemburg

I want to live as long as I can with my husband. My grandparents died before 60, my mum is very unwell at 60. I want those years to be my best!

old couple I ran into at a terras. I had to pay the old lady a couple of euro's because otherwise she didn't want to be on photo. Cute old couple

A LIFETIME TOGETHER, Sweethearts, Clyde Keller Photo

A LIFETIME TOGETHER, Clyde Keller photo, Etsy fp, 2X, treasury, Fine Art Print, Black and White, Signed, vintage 1965 image

♥ A Lifetime Together ~ Copyright © 1965 by Clyde Keller

Ha. Us. Most of us will be there at the later time in life. I guess we are there now come to think of it. I  forget,even with my aches and pains, that I am not

The Lovers - 60 cm x 80 cm Oil on canvas There is not much I can say about this painting except that it expresses a wish that my wife and I be able to grow old together. To me, there is more beauty in the couple holding hands than there is in the sunset.

love love love. 50th anniversary??  Hopefully I

45 Best Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Parents

Walks along the beach ...holding each other tight.

True love never grows old: of the sweetest and most heart touching photos i’ve ever seen