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Make up heaven! one day i will have a collection like this

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The Cost of Addiction As much as I hate to admit it, makeup is an addiction and cosmetic counters are a wicked weakness. I can’t walk into a department store and pass one without jonesing for the next beauty fix.

Dope2111 Known as the Human Chameleon or Mystique; using Make-up to transform herself into famous Celebrities and Characters

Mother of makeup! Oh my flipping gosh. Her Harry Styles is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too accurate.

The fall season is in full swing, and we always keep our eyes peeled for seasonal colors. These are some flattering makeup color combinations to try out!

All-Inclusive Drugstore Makeup Kit! All the products that are hot at the drugstore this year! #beauty #makeup

All-Inclusive Drugstore Makeup Kit

An all-inclusive drugstore makeup kit! Products for everyone! There is no need to spend money on high end products when you can build an affordable kit.

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MAC Lipstick Dupes by sirav.kal

MAC Lipstick Dupes List - Find your Favorite Shade in Cheaper Drugstore Alternatives - Natural Beauty Skin Care

Dramatic black/sparkle eyes

black eyeshadow, grey in the crease, creamy highlight on the brow and inner corner. Black on the waterline and lower lashline, and a sparkly black glitter on the lid. New Years Eve makeup idea.

Mac eyeshadow colours

MAC Shadow Guide & How to Organize Your MAC Eye Shadows. This is for all you MAC junkies out there!